Who is Sergeant Stubby? – Tale of a soldier dog!

Who is Sergeant Stubby

Who is Sergeant Stubby_ Tale of a soldier dog!

Story Of Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant stubby

That was in 1917, a small puppy roamed the Yale University grounds. At the same time private Robert Jr. Conroy was giving military training there. Once he saw this little puppy. That was small in size. He named the dog Stubby. Then he brought Stubby to his camp.

Though there was a ban on keeping any type of pets in the camp. But seeing Stubby and expressing his friendliness to keep everyone with him. Along with starting to live with the army, cute Stubby himself started taking some training too. At first he learned how to salute with his paw.

He was also accustomed to the barging routine and the maritime routine of the soldiers. Stubby learned everything quickly and adapted to any environment. The camp soldiers were sure that they took him to the battleground and he could adapt himself.

So Stubby was living with the army at the very end, leaving the attention of the commanding officer.

How Stubby Joined World War I?

In spite of having a complete ban on carrying pet in the war, Conroy broke the current restrictions and he stole the Stubby. Upon picking up the ship, he stash Stubby in a coal container. Exotic soldiers are very happy to see Stubby. The commanding office was not able to be happy after discovering Stubby. The intelligent stubby might have found the danger of seeing the face of the commanding officer. Stubby saluted him as he had been trained to in camp, and the commanding officer allowed the dog to stay on board.

On May 5, 1918, 102th battalion reached the battlefield of France. Stubby got acquainted with the sound of the shooting, bombs and the blasts and adapted themselves quickly.

In the meantime, Stubby gets his first hit. With the acquisition of toxic gas, he has to be hospitalized with other soldiers.

After recovering, he returned with a specially designed gas mask to protect him.

The sensitivity of this smell comes in handy afterwards. Because, when most of the soldiers sleep in a dawn some days later, Germany attacks with poisonous gas. Stubby can quickly understand the susceptible gas odor and start barking loudly. He started pulling the clothes of the sleeping soldiers. Most of the soldiers wake up and understand the Matter of poisonous gas and escape from there and survive.


How Stubby Got Sergeant Title?

sergeant stubby


Once he caught a German soldier by the seat of his pants. Stubby grabbed him and bitten his leg. The spy falls to the ground and Stubby starts biting his hand. He holding him there until American soldiers found him. Once the soldiers came and caught the spy.

Stubby was promoted after this incident and he was given the sergeant title. Stubby was the first US dog to serve as sergeant. Interestingly, he had surpassed his master, Conroy, in line with the rank.

In that war, Stubby had participated 17 times. At the end of the war, he had to return to the ship with a hiding again. Because the dog was not allowed in the ship.

After moving to America, Stubby became a celebrity. And why not; he has faithfully participated in the war and saved many lives of soldiers, which has given him many medals.

Stubby met the President Udro Wilson, twice visited the White House and also participated in military parades several times.


Death Of Sergeant Stubby!

After that, Stubby and Conroy started living in Georgetown. Starting in 1921, he attended Georgetown University Law Center with Conroy, and became the Georgetown Hoyas’ team mascot. He would be given the football at halftime and would nudge the ball around the field to the amusement of the fans.

In 1926, Stubby died at 9-10 years of age. After his death, he was preserved with his skin mounted on a plaster cast. Conroy presented Stubby to the Smithsonian in 1956, including his earned medals.

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